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Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You - Your Journey Awaits You -

Embark On The Journey Of a Lifetime. The Only Journey Really. The Road Back To Your Radiant Self. Full Of Twists and Turns. I Won't Lie, It's a Hell Of a Ride. Mind If I Jump In With You For a While? We Can Chat About Anything That's Been On Your Heart.

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For the expanders / light-bringers & lineage healers

Our Inner Work Is A Sacred Process. I Consider Each Session A Ceremony. A Place To Be Held And Supported. Where outdated Layers Can Shed And Your Natural Radiance Can Shine Through.

What Is 
Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

Spiritual hypnotherapy is incredibly unique because it takes a bottom up approach to healing. We begin at the roots of any topic ranging from chronic pain to ' I don't feel safe in this world' - and directly access its most impactful layers. We do this by allowing the incredible power of the subconscious mind to lead the way. This is the part of you that stores EVERYTHING, including your streamlined path to radiance. It's a deep journey to meet your own self held in a container of complete safety and love. Our journey can make many stops and cover many topics: mind, body & soul.

Restored Inner Child

Have you been hearing the term 'inner child healing' and don't know where to start? Restored Inner Child is a four week journey for people that want to reconnect, nourish and learn about their inner child.  Previously recorded so you can go at your own pace!

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Welcome, I'm Leo

Being the light bringer to a family, community, or industry takes incredible work. There is no 'time off' from a soul mission. Anyone on this brave path needs to be held and supported at times. Allow me to walk beside you. When you get tired and need to rest, there will be a place for you here. The heart knows when it's time. This work is not to be done alone. The path of the lone wolf is over. It is our season to be bold, be seen, and be deeply nourished. This is my mission. This is why I am here. And i'm so glad you are too.

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Check out this podcast episode where Natalia details her 'craziest healing ever' in a Restorative Hypnosis session.

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I'll bet you have done some good soul searching and tried various paths. And I'd imagine that you're one of the few people in your family doing this type of work. I know the feelings that come with this path.

Awakening, evolving, upleveling isn't as pretty as social media shows us.  We tend to see the finished products. But the real work is here, in the depths of our soul. In the pull to be in alignment with what our hearts crave. And that brings up a lot for us. But better out than in I say. The way to our future is through our past.

This is why I have designed my work with people to be short & sweet but deep. We don't meet many times, but when we do, we go all the way. I know that yearning for freedom.  Shall we take a walk?

If I Were To Guess, I'll Bet You've Come Really Far Already.


A guided hypnosis audio connecting you to the child within.

Reconnect with your inner source of creativity and joy
Learn how past events are effecting your present life.
Create space within for new growth and expansion.
Cultivate a new relationship with parts we have lost or forgotten.
Download and listen anywhere anytime!

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Guided hypnosis journey to connect with the child within.

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A deep dive into your subconscious to reprogram from the roots up.

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Learn about hypnosis, inner child healing, spirituality & more!

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Here is a selection of our courses and trainings, taking you deeper into the realms of spiritual hypnosis and various healing practices. Self paced or live. Some of these trainings are for the general public and some are for practitioners that are ready to take their clients to the next level. Take a peek at anything that interests you and reach out with any questions.

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Leo has studied everything from clinical hypnotherapy, shamanism, past life regression, soul fragmentation, spirit releasement, many forms of energy healing, somatics, breathwork, NLP, EFT, conversational-hypnosis, coaching, Internal Family Systems, psychic trainings and much more. 

Each session is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to deliver the most comprehensive and expansive journey possible.

An Experience Like No Other

If you have made it this far on this page I just want to deeply say thank you. I began this journey because I wasn't seeing services offering the depth of healing that I knew people were craving (including myself). I was disappointed in the hustle, do more, manifestation culture that taught that there was something wrong with you if your dream life hasn't appeared yet. And I was very underwhelmed by the "love & light" messaging that keep people from where the real work lies. Additionally, I did not believe in the system of seeing someone 'every Tuesday at 11 am' for years on end, cycling through the same conversations & topics endlessly.

My goal is to see you as little as possible. I'm sure you are absolutely wonderful! But my mission is to guide you through the safest & most streamlined route to healing. On the way I aim to empower you with tools and resources of your own. 

If you feel called to this but don't know why, that is okay. Let it not make sense for now. Trust what you know in your core and watch the magic unfold.

A Quick Thank You:

With Love,