Terms & Conditions

Terms of service: By partaking in a service or training with Restorative Hypnosis, you agree and acknowledge there are no guarantees for results. Restorative Hypnosis cannot be held accountable for this should this transpire.

Privacy Policy: All information provided to Restorative Hypnosis will be kept confidential and will only be used for the service or training you're involved in.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made known 24 hours notice. If 24 hours notice is not provided, this session will be missed. Restorative Hypnosis will also review cancellations on a case by case basis and provide clients grace when deemed appropriate.

Copyright and trademarks: Rights to all content: Restorative Hypnosis reserves all rights to content presented on the website (www.restorative-hypnosis.com) as well as all content covered in sessions and trainings. By agreeing and acknowledging these copyright and trademark rules, you adhere to not repurpose content without the consent of Restorative Hypnosis.

Refund policy: All purchases made through Restorative Hypnosis are final. By agreeing and acknowledging these terms and conditions, you understand that no refunds will be provided. Restorative Hypnosis will also review on a case by case basis and provide clients grace when appropriate.

Billing policy: Payments for hypnotherapy are due anytime before the day of your session. Payments not received prior to the session allows Restorative Hypnosis to fill that appointment spot with another client.

Restorative Hypnosis Rates: We reserve the right to increase rates at any time. If clients are already locked in for sessions, they will be required to pay the price they began their package with until their package comes to a close. Should a client continue working with Restorative Hypnosis, they will be required to pay the rate as advertised on the website (restorative-hypnosis.com)

Termination of Agreement: In the case a client wishes to terminate their involvement in a therapeutic service or training of Restorative Hypnosis, the client is required to pay the remainder of payments until that therapeutic service or training has been paid off.