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Diving deep into your past, creating space for your radiant future.

The most common thing I hear after a session is "This is what I always knew my life could feel like. It feels right. It feels like I'm home."

Our natural state is joyful, peaceful, optimistic, and creative. Anything on top of that is learned. This is good news. Because that means it can be unlearned, we just weren't taught how. Working with our subconscious offers a space to investigate and transform the roots of our core memories, beliefs, and patterns.

What Is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

I was drawn to spiritual hypnotherapy because it casts a much wider net than traditional therapy. It includes the entire human & soul experience. It's incredibly powerful because it works deep within the subconscious mind which bipasses any fluff or mental chatter and goes directly to the core of any topic. No talking about the same thing in circles endlessly.  This saves a person immense amounts of time, energy, and money.  You can expect to see significant change and results within 1 - 2 sessions. Sessions are all done on a zoom and all you'll need to prepare is to have a wired headset that has a microphone, reliable internet, a private space, and an open mind.

If everyday waking consciousness is ‘at the surface of the water’ - hypnosis allows people to go a few feet below while retaining full awareness. It's a bit like the moments first thing in the morning.

Hypnosis is incredibly unique because it works entirely different to most healing models.

Most therapies are top down. Meaning they start at your present life and over many sessions slowly peel the layers back towards the core.

Hypnotherapy is pretty much the reverse. We start at the beginning, deep within the the roots. And as they receive the nourishment they need, the whole tree heals.

No more guessing 'I'm not sure where this pattern comes from?' because the subconscious already knows. It's our internal supercomputer. Incredibly wise and resourceful but difficult to navigate without a knowledgeable guide. 

Going to this depth of healing can bring a lot to the surface. This is why a trauma informed practitioner is of the utmost importance.

When core memories remain unprocessed, the body becomes the container for the emotional remnants. And the subconscious forms long term behavior patterns. When left long enough, this can appear as illness, chronic pain, addictions, harsh inner critics, emotional triggers and negative beliefs.  

Beyond our human self, we take into account the spiritual, energetic, and multidimensional aspects of life as well. No stones are left unturned and you will depart knowing the wisdom and immeasurable power of healing contained within you.

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These sessions are for those that are ready for a serious transformation. For heart led beings with the boldness to dive deep. Come when you are ready. Be ready when you come.

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?

I'm a practitioner myself and although I love helping people, I can't see myself like I see my clients. I want my business to expand but deep down i'm terrified to have more responsibility and be seen on a bigger scale. I've been drinking a bit more than usual and arguing with my husband. Clients have been slow and I know this next phase requires a big leap. i'm ready to  to use my voice, speak my truth, and help others in the process.

I'm the first person in my family to ever do any form of healing. I've hustled, and i've done really well for myself. I have been working so hard all my life, i've never been able to fully slow down and actually get to the deeper emotional layers that I know I need to. I've been stuck in 'on mode' and I feel fried. I'm ready to learn how to feel my emotions, honor my journey, and rest guilt free.

I have been doing all of the healing work, going to therapy, seen all the practitioners and there are patterns that just keep coming back. I find it hard to truly love myself, and it's taken a serious toll on my self worth. I start and stop projects, I shame myself for not finishing things, and my codependency has creeped back in. I say yes to things that I know aren't good for me and my energy.  I'm ready to love the woman I am today, embrace all parts of me, and honor by boundaries.

I have been dealing with chronic pain, slow digestion, and insane headaches for years. Nothing has worked and i've seen all the doctors and run all the tests. Nothing adds up. I have a super harsh inner critic in my head that sounds just like my Mom. I'm going to be  a Mom myself soon and I don't want these cycles to go to another generation. I'm ready to have peace of mind, a clear headspace, and bring my child into the world with lightness.

I have always been aware of the 'dark' energies that have been around my childhood home and family. There was a lot of emotional and physical abuse. It was like a dark cloud over everything. I have been trying to uncover these memories but my mind has blocked the worst of them out. My heart feels like it has a weight on it and I find it hard to feel safe in my body. I'm frustrated that i'm still working on these things. After a lifetime of struggles, I'm ready for things to be easy.

I have always felt more than the average person. I can sense what other people feel and it has mostly been a burden because it's forced me to put up so many walls. Beyond people, I have always felt connected to spirit. Some of the experiences have been quite scary and I don't know what to make of them. My sleep has suffered throughout the years as I stay up and worry. I'm ready to tap into my healing gifts and release control about how others see me.

Our Journey Can Make Many Stops And Cover Many Topics: Mind, Body & Soul.

Dear Leo,

REAL words from REAL people:


have you been craving more depth in your healing?


I have a wild curiosity for the unique experiences a person may embark on. My approach to healing is filled with polarities. Deep but lighthearted. Safe but sometimes uncomfortable. Patient but challenging. Spiritual with a healthy dose of groundedness. And always lots of humor sprinkled through. Why should healing be doom and gloom? I'm passionate about creating containers that allow us to go to the overlooked, ugly, other-worldly, and very real parts of this messy human life.  Let's explore this together.

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back by popular demand:
single sessions @ sliding scale pricing

deep dive session (4 hours)
$600- $900

Hello everyone! Right now my client list is quite full. I am taking as many people as I can. Please fill out the waitlist form if you'd like to be next in line. There is also an upgrade option for $500 extra if you'd like to be seen asap.

Session 1 is always a 4 hour deep dive. Afterward, further sessions can be scheduled at shorter time frames.

Please remember this type of hypnotherapy is NOT like regular therapy. You will not need weekly sessions. It goes much deeper to address root causes allowing for you to enjoy life sooner.

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Watch my 'most asked questions about hypnosis' video for a great overview

How does a zoom session work?

Zoom sessions require a little bit more prep on the tech side. Firstly, I recommend doing them on a computer as they are easier to stabilize and get the camera steady. I will need to see your torso during your session. You will need a wired headset with a very clear and stable microphone that extends in front of the mouth. I recommend the style gamers/telemarketers use. Bluetooth headphones many times lose charge and die in the middle of sessions so make sure it is wired. Test them by using zoom and calling a friend and making sure all of your technology is working properly. For your zoom session you will need a quiet spot no one will bother you, fast internet, soft lighting, a comfy place to lay down, a tissue box, and your animals taken care of in another room.

What is a Restorative Hypnosis session like and how is it beneficial?

The subconscious mind stores everything.

A session with Leo offers you the opportunity to dive deep into your subconscious where old beliefs, patterns, memories, and/or traumas are stored. The programs stored here create the relationships, health, and prosperity you see in your life today. 

Everything in your world is a reflection of your subconscious patterns which are mostly formed in childhood. 

Leo is a firm believer that mind, body, and spirit should all be taken into account during any healing process. In his sessions he integrates these parts into a unique therapeutic journey to include many facets of life. 

Unprocessed memories retain the unprocessed emotions. These are stored not only in the subconscious but in the body as well. This creates everything from physical pain, illnesses, depression, dissociation, to autoimmune disorders and more. 

These patterns also create stress on our nervous system. In turn this effects how we respond to our environment. If life on the inside is chaotic, life on the outside will be chaotic. This domino effect will dampen and weaken our energetic field. When this occurs, less of our spirit gets to shine through. 

Hypnotherapy offers a window into the depths of our inner selves. It is holistic self care. And by transforming these core patterns, we get ourselves back in the process. 

Come take a journey together, heal from the ground up, and witness your life blossom like you've never seen it before.

What is hypnosis and what exactly will happen?

Hypnosis will feel just like a guided relaxation meditation but with lots of questions and interactions . On this journey you have me as your trained guide with tools and protocols designed to keep you into an extremely relaxed state. From that deep state of relaxation, we access the subconscious mind that contains all the information we’re looking for. I say hypnosis gives us the keys to the castle and once inside we can go just about anywhere. You will not say anything that you would not share normally such as embarrassing secrets. You are fully in control, in the room, able to jump up and respond if need be, even go to the bathroom and come back. You are not asleep, you are not giving all the controls over to me, and you most likely won’t feel ‘hypnotized’ at all - simply blissful. It is a back and forth process where I ask questions and you will answer with whatever you are sensing. It is as if we are both at the movies but I have a blindfold on, and you are describing everything you can to me. Mainly your eyes will be closed, you will be in your comfy bed with a blanket, and it will feel extremely comforting. 

Will one package be enough?

Hypnosis is not a magic wand, the client always has to have a genuine desire to make changes in their lives and they must carry with them that desire and transmute it to consistent action after the session to create lasting changes. Hypnosis is not a replacement for traditional psychotherapy, medicine, doctor visits, or any other medical practices. Restorative Hypnosis does not practice traditional psychotherapy, or hypnotherapy.  After you complete the package, you have the ability to book follow up single sessions. 

Can I be hypnotized? What if I am skeptical?

It is perfectly normal to have healthy skepticism, in fact I encourage it. Anyone can be hypnotized as long as they want to be. The desire is all it takes. It’s important to remember that this process is a two way street. I’m not doing anything to you against your will. The phrase goes “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis” meaning I make suggestions but ultimately you are the one agreeing and in control. Everyone is nervous and skeptical. Clients on any medication that can effect mood such as heavy pain killers, amphetamines, mood stabilizers, anti-depressants and similar medication should let me know prior to the session. They can effect the possibility of the mind relaxing enough to get into hypnosis.