Have you been hearing this term Inner Child Healing?

"What does it even mean, how do we do it, why is it so important, and where do I even begin?"

These questions have inspired me to create a course where we explore all the above questions and so much more! Curious to dive in?

A previously live container (now as a replay) designed to teach and inspire the incredible ways we can connect to the child that lives within. Inner Child healing is not always easy (or fun) to do solo, so come feel the community love.

allow me to invite you to

Restored Inner Child

No matter what topic, pattern, behavior, or change my clients want to make, almost always we do some version of ICH.

Our childhood is our roots. And the rest of our life is built upon this foundation. When the fruit of our current life isn't ripening properly, we look under the soil.

All roads lead back to these early formative years. Time does not heal all things, love does. When these parts feel loved, it opens us to a world of joy, freedom & creativity.

And that is what this container is for. To introduce various systems, practical tools, and ways we can connect to our inner source of innocence and prosperity.

These inner children have been yearning to connect. Now is our time to listen, reunite, and let them be the kid they always wanted to be in the first place. 

did you know

The majority of all my sessions involve some form of inner child healing?

Curious what versions of you will come up?

Here are some details:

  • This is a previously live container. I love these as replay because you get to feel the electric energy of something live but at your own pace.
  • You have lifetime access to the material
  • Although we will be diving into some emotional material, this will still be a loving, warm & safe environment. You can always choose your experience.
  • Be curious, and have an open mind to what your inner children and other participants have to say. Many times we learn something  about ourselves when we hear someone else share their experience.

REAL words from REAL people: