Are you curious about the healing power of hypnosis?

welcome WILD souls

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a donation based container designed for us to gather as a community, make healing less isolating, and remind one another there are other bright souls like you that continue to hold the light.




allow me to invite you to our

Here are some details:

  • This is a great place to dip your toe in if you’ve ever been curious about hypnosis or this community
  • Very gentle, loving, and supportive journey
  • Please bring an eye mask, headphones, and have a place to lay
  • Consider journaling right after when the mind is filled with inspiration
  • No verbal participation is necessary
  • Zoom link will be sent upon signup. 
  • 20 min intro, 30 min journey + shares
  • Totally donation based, pay absolutely nothing, just a little, the suggested donation ($25), or more as a pay it forward.
  • Video will be sent out within 48 hours for those that cannot make it live
  • Invite a friend to try something unique!