A Man On A Mission.

about leo max, the founder of restorative hypnosis

"On a day of serious frustration with the world, I stopped and realized that the only one that could give me the life I wanted was me. I was constantly waiting for people and the world to change in order for me to be free. Well, that was all over. I finally gave myself the permission to live an incredible life with or without everything around me changing. And oddly, in that moment, it did."
- Leo Max

Now My Mission Is To Walk Others Back Home To Themselves, Just As I Did For Myself In That Day. Hopefully In A Lot Less Time And With A Lot Less Chaos.

Like one candle lighting another, the light only continues to grow. Everyone wins and eventually bright little candles pop up all around the world, all communicating in their own language. The language that requires no words.

More about leo

Leo Max is a hypnosis practitioner specializing in combining healing for mind, body, and spirit in a deep & safe setting.

Leo grew up outside of Chicago to two lovely parents that were quite spiritual and heavily involved in TM (transcendental meditation) as well as other mindfulness groups for several decades. On Sundays as a child, Leo’s family would gather for group meditations. Over the years, his older brothers and parents fell out of their spiritual practices, but Leo’s only continued to blossom.

Leo believes anything done while in trance multiplies the healing effects because you are directly tapped into the subconscious mainframe where all our core patterns are stored.

This inspired Leo to study Somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotional Freedom Technique, Parts work, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Trainings, various Energy Healing modalities, psychic trainings, and much more.

He believes learning should never end and is committed to continually updating his arsenal of healing tools. 

With a sudden wakeup call at 27, Leo was shown it was his time to evolve out of his life as a fashion stylist in NYC to his true soul calling & being of service (turns out it's not an easy ride!)

He received his certifications from the Introspective Hypnosis training led by Alba Weinman and Antonio Sangio. He also completed the Integrative Hypnosis training from Melissa Tiers & Conversational Hypnosis from Scott Jansen.

After learning the power of hypnosis, Leo realized he could weave many other forms of healing into the sessions to create even more impactful outcomes.

Leo specializes in hypnosis with a spiritual mindset but tailors each session to the client and their belief system. 

He often gets the people that ‘have done everything else’ and yet haven’t exactly found the answers they are looking for. Your frustration is understood and welcomed here. This is because few other modalities dive as deep as this type of subconscious work which targets the very root of the issue and where the body stores it.

Leo currently works with all topics mind, body & spirit.

Leo strives to meet each client with an open mind, often going where many practitioners are either afraid or unequipped to go. This may include painful memories, ancestral clearing, encounters with ETs, past lives, time in between lives, spirit/entity attachments, spirit-guide communication, dark night of the soul moments, unexplained paranormal activity and many other things that we may not even have language for yet. Our world is wide, wonderful, and ever-expanding!

Are you interested in hypnosis but not ready to jump in? Try a group journey and get a feel for what is possible here for you. Take your time but know when to leap.

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