a free journey where you will learn to identify, connect, and care for the child within.

Reconnect with your inner source of creativity and joy
Learn how past events are effecting your present life
Process stagnant emotions held in the body
Cultivate a new relationship with parts we have lost or forgotten
Create space within for expansion and growth


You feel you may have stumbled recently but aren't exactly sure why. Maybe you have a hunch, but something is missing. Triggers and patterns have emerged that you may have loooked at before, and yet deep down you know there's more to the story.

Well, the child within has that story. And they wait for us to connect with them on their level. To listen and really see them as they are. Not rushing off to the next thing to be busy with. Even if we have 'moved on' in life, it doesn't mean they have.

come back to this practice when you start to feel tired in life

Tired of feeling generally sluggish and uninspired
Tired of your creativity having dimmed down and life isn't as bright
Tired of the negative behaviors that have become stronger recently
Tired of feeling triggered by people in your life that doesn't fully make sense.

Life and all of the senses become vibrant.
Colors are more vivid, food is more delicious, and you can see clearer
Creative ideas begin to flow once again along with the confidence to act on them
The worthiness to take up space and make big moves is revitalized
A general sigh of relief comes when we take the time to slow down and remember just how far we have come

the inner child opens us to experience our world in a new way